Carla Jayne Batson

Helping to capture the imaginations and interest of millions of passers-by, Carla Jayne Batson has been enticing customers with her set designs and styling for over a decade.


Specialising in prop-making, visual merchandising and art direction, Carla’s portfolio includes working with some of the most globally recognised brands and well-loved department stores in the UK.


From dressing the iconic windows of Liberty London and creating sculptures for the Great Hall in Selfridges, through to producing handmade backdrops for Fendi’s global displays, Carla has designed, installed, styled and project-managed some of the most spectacular sets in London and beyond.


Knowing no creative limits, and with an incredible attention to detail, please browse her portfolio here to see examples of her work in action.


Carla’s flexibility means that she is able to help with all scales and aspects of creative projects. From providing an extra pair of hands to guide an in-house merchandising team, right through to complete concept-to-creation project management, Carla and the CJB team are happy to help.


Please do get in touch to find out more or discuss your project needs in more detail.